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Built in 1873, The Barn is a true architectural masterpiece that has stood the test of time. With its complex system of exposed beams, braces, posts and rafters, The Barn has remained true to its original form. It remains one of the few authentic examples around today that display the intricate engineering and craftsmanship of its day.

Today, The Barn is used as an event venue perfect for any corporate, social and wedding event. With a capacity of 250 guests and outfitted with a bar, lounge area, DJ booth and modern audio visual amenities, our space is well suited for any style of event.


Built alongside The Barn, The Carriage House was originally built to house horse-drawn carriages and related tack. With its exposed concrete walls, beautifully landscaped patio areas and the addition of a bar and lighting, The Carriage House is perfect for small intimate functions or used as a pre-dinner reception area.


Built by William D Leflar and his wife Margaret in the early 1800's, the house has been home to generations of the Leflar and McKinney family. Since its purchase in 2006, minor renovations have been performed to update the farmhouse all while staying true to its heritage. Today, brides, bridesmaids and family are invited to use the main floor of The Farmhouse to prepare for their wedding ceremony on the property.